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Hubert Michael Gottschlicht

Hubert’s love of restaurants was instilled from an early age. Born in a small town in Bavaria, his parents bought a restaurant and butcher shop in Seckach, a town 50 miles from Heidelberg, when he was just 6 years old. Hubert began helping with the family business and spent his teenage years learning how to work in a kitchen and make traditional sausages. He also visited Munich often, where a friend owned a typical Bavarian restaurant with a lot of homemade specials. It was in his friend’s kitchen that he learned classic Bavarian dishes that weren’t taught in any formal culinary institute. Growing up watching his mother in the kitchen and assisting with every aspect of the cooking process strongly inspired Hubert to pursue a career in the food industry.

After school, Hubert began working as a Chef’s apprentice under the famous Master Chef Fred Jasper and Garde Manger Horst Heidhausen. Shortly afterwards, he was drafted to the German Army, where he signed up for four years in the culinary program to continue his training and was quickly promoted to the prestigious position of Kitchen Sergeant. Despite his extensivereal-world experience, Hubert was a big believer in education and also went on to get an official butcher/sausage-making degree at the Fleischer School Landshut.

When Hubert arrived in Springfield, Massachusetts in 1981, he accepted a position at the Student Prince and Fort. Under the personal supervision of Rupprecht Scherff, he learned the ins and outs of the American way to run a kitchen without losing his German influence and touch. Understanding the restaurant scene in America was an eye-opening experience that ultimately led him to open his own authentic German/Bavarian restaurant in 2004 with his son, Patrick.

Patrick was born in Germany in 1981 and moved to the U.S. at a young age. He spent his summers in Germany with his Oma (Hubert’s mother). Erna Gottschlicht would send Patrick to the baker, butcher, and grocer every morning where he was responsible for the ordering thus allowing him to keep up his fluent German. His family in Germany is extensive and an active part of his life. A lot of that influence is reflected throughout the Munich Haus.

Today, the Munich Haus Restaurant embodies the best of the Gottschlichts' Bavarian heritage and knowledge, bringing diners traditional home-cooked meals with the same flavor, quality, and love that his family was known for all those years ago.

Erna and Max Gottschlicht in their restaurant


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