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History of the Biergarten

The 200 year history of the Biergarten really only has one cellar to thank but let’s start at the beginning... In the 16th century, severe fires often occurred in breweries during the boiling process so a law was passed - the Bayerische Brauordnung (Bavarian Brewing Law) of 1539. It was only permitted to brew beer in winter between the holidays of Saint Michael on the 29th September and Saint George on the 23rd April. The mere thought of no longer having any beer available in the summer of all times immediately stirred the Bavarian innovative spirit.

Deep cellars were dug into the earth as close to the breweries as possible. To protect these cellars from the heat of the sun, the brewers spread light gravel on the ground and planted shady chestnut trees. The large leaves and flat roots of the native chestnut trees provided the perfect protection from the sun and the gravel also helped to keep the area cool. To keep the transportation route as short as possible, they began serving beer in these gardens. The Biergarten became a Bavarian institution and congeniality under the chestnut trees was born.

In Munich, a refreshing mug of beer or a wheat beer in the Biergarten is an integral part of a summer’s day. Now you can enjoy an authentic Biergarten, here in Chicopee.

A touch of Bavaria -"Passport not required!"